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Facing Congo Realities

  • Nundu Deaconess Hospital is located in the South Kivu Province of Eastern Congo.

  • Despite a period of war from 1996 to 2008, DNH has continued to function under the leadership of national doctors.

  • Political and civil unrest continue, impacting the primary healthcare provided by the system of 21 health centers supervised by DNH.

  • Ability of patients to pay for medical care is limited by ongoing poverty and civil unrest.  Your prayers and financial support are very much appreciated.

  • Hospital buildings, which have suffered from neglect during the war, have been refurbished.
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Pediatric Ward & Maternity

  • DNH is a 110 bed hospital providing referral services for a population of over 300,000

  • A new pediatric pavilion completed in 2016 increased the number of pediatric beds to 42.

  • A new maternity was completed in 2018, providing a total of 37 maternity beds and now reporting on average 70 deliveries per month.  One third of the deliveries at the hospital are by caesarian section.

  • This improved environment has provided for expansion of inpatient services and has sent a message of hope to our community.

  • A neonatal intensive care unit provides treatment for premature and sick newborns.
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School of Nursing

  • The school trains nurses to work in the hospital and in health centers in the Nundu Health Zone.

  • Founded in 1987 and continuing despite a period of war, 374 nurses have graduated.  For the school year 2021-22, 68 students were enrolled.

  • While health centers have midwives for routine deliveries, complicated cases are referred to DNH. Complex medical and surgical cases are also referred to the hospital.

  • The curriculum was updated in 2022, based on modern, interactive teaching methods.  A track to train midwives has been added.

The Most Frequent Diseases

Your contributions help with patient care for those who are unable to pay. . .

Respiratory Infections

Butterfield Foundation Funds Solar Expansion

Nundu had been without a reliable source of electricity and water for many years.  

  1. I-TEC (International Technical Electrical and Construction) designed and built solar and water purification systems were installed in October 2018.  
  2. The impact of solar power is significant, providing the hospital, school of nursing and staff housing with electricity 24 hours a day  

Butterfield Foundation partnered with Deaconess Nundu Hospital to triple the capacity of the 17 KVA system (see November 12, 2022 newsletter).  Installation was completed in October 2023 by a team of I-TEC volunteers.  Additional funds came from the Melvin Spencer estate.  Thank you to all for making this project a success. 

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Your Contributions Help With...

  • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

  • The cost of patient care for those who are unable to pay (The most frequent diseases are: Malaria (35%), Anemia (32%), Diarrhea (14%), and Respiratory Infections (8%).)

  • Hospital equipment

  • Staff salaries

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